Does Replyable work with DNS-based firewall services such as Cloudflare or Incapsula?

If you are using a DNS-based firewall or security service such as  Cloudflare our servers may have a difficult time reaching your website when we try to pass incoming comments along. If you are using one of these services and notice that mail is going out via Replyable, but nothing is coming back in (such as subscription confirmation emails or comment replies) this is most likely the problem.

How to fix connection issues

While each service is a little bit different the general idea is that connections between our servers and your web host need to be allowed. This is usually called whitelisting

You'll need to whitelist or, if your service is IP-based use 

Your best bet is to contact the support team at your firewall service and ask them how to go about doing so. Most offer self-serve control panels that will have you up and running in just a few minutes.

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