How to block out of office notices that sneak through our filters

We do a ton of secret tricks on the back end of Replyable to keep out of office replies from getting published to your site as comments. Unfortunately, if a email client is not using any of the many well-established standards for notifying systems of an autoresponder they can still slip through. 

The most common scenario is when instead of setting an autoresponder a subscriber sets a filter in their mailbox to just automatically reply to any email that comes in while they are gone. 

We have bounced around the idea of filtering out any message with the phrase 'out of office' or 'away from my desk' etc but it doesn't feel right - it would produce too many false positives.. plus it feels like a hack.

You can take control of it on your own site 

WordPress has built-in comment filtering you can take control of if you are seeing these errors commonly from certain email clients or users.

  1. Visit Discussion Settings in your WordPress dashboard via Settings > Discussion.
  2. Here you will find a text box labelled comment moderation. In it you can put in the strings of common phrases you see slipping through on your site:

That's it! Problem solved.

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