What happens if a post gets a gazillion comments? Do I get a gazillion emails?

Replyable is smart about not flooding your inbox with email. We've built in comment throttling to be sure nobody joins a conversation and wakes up to 50 emails. Here's how.

If you are using the free version or are on the Conversation Starter or Daily Discourse plans.

  1. If comments on a post start to take off (in the order of 4 or more comments in an hour) we’ll pause subscriptions for everyone involved.
  2. Instead of sending the 4th (and 5th, 6th, etc) comment we instead send a heads up email alerting the subscriber that things are getting out of hand so we are pausing their subscription.
  3. After subscriptions have been paused direct replies will still be sent to users.
  4. If and when the subscriber wants to jump back into the conversation they can reply to the pause email. We’ll then send them a summary of everything they missed. They can then reply to add another comment.

If you are using the Max Engagement plan.

When a post is first published, any new comments will be delivered as soon as they are published. 

  1. If the conversation takes off (more than a few comments within a 12 hour period) Replyable will batch send new comments once every 24 hours as a what's new email. This is called Digest mode.
  2. When Digest mode is in place direct replies are still immediately sent to the person being replied to. This keeps the conversation going without bothering the larger group.
  3. If the post calms back down it may switch back into realtime sending.

How to send users direct replies only

If you would like to send only direct replies to comment subscribers you can set the flood control limit down to 2. This triggers the system as soon as the second comment is published and the post will stay in reply-only mode from that point forward.

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