I already use Postmatic Labs. Should I switch to Replyable?

What's the difference between Postmatic Labs and Replyable?

Postmatic Labs contains all of the features which used to be found in Postmatic Basic and is geared toward legacy Postmatic Basic users that would like to maintain the features they have become accustomed to.

Here is a breakdown of the differences:

Postmatic Labs Replyable
Comment subscriptions X X
Comment replies via email X X*
The ability to send posts via email X
Optins, widgets, and form integration X
Basic templates X
Advanced, responsive templates showing avatars, post recaps, and comment context X
Daily comment digests X*
Comment relevance and intelligence scoring X*
Email-based comment moderation X*
Author tools X*

I already have Postmatic Labs on my site and would like to continue using it. Can I?

Sure. If you already have a Postmatic Labs and would like to continue using it you can.

I have Postmatic Labs but would like to switch to Replyable? What will happen to my subscriptions?

The switch is seamless for users who are subscribed to comments. Just disable Postmatic Labs, enable Replyable, and your subscribers won't notice a difference.

If you have subscribers who have subscribed to receive new posts via email they will no longer receive your posts. Replyable is for comment subscriptions only.

* Requires a paid Replyable account, starting at $2.99 a month.

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