I am a paying Postmatic customer. Is Replyable right for me?

Should I switch from Postmatic to Replyable?

That depends on what you are using Postmatic for and can be answered in one simple question: do you use Postmatic just for commenting, or do you send posts/newsletters/digests as well?

If you are using Postmatic just for commenting than you'll save a ton of money by switching to Replyable.

Here is a breakdown of the differences:

Postmatic Replyable
Comment subscriptions X X
Comment replies via email X X*
The ability to send posts via email X
Optins, widgets, and form integration X
Advanced, responsive templates showing avatars, post recaps, and comment context X X
Daily comment digests X X*
Comment relevance and intelligence scoring X X*
Email-based comment moderation X X*
Author tools X X*

Switching from Postmatic to Replyable is simple

You'll want to disable your paid Postmatic plan, install Replyable, and activate a plan from the Replyable settings screen right inside your WordPress dashboard. Your users won't notice a thing.

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